5 Reasons To Practice Empathy.

Why is empathy important, and what function does it serve in everyday life?


A Beginner’s Guide To Self Love

‘Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one’s own sunshine.’

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Finding Your Motivation

So a show of hands – how many of you are still going to the gym as many times a week as you promised yourself you would at the start of the year?

Yeah, me either. But here’s some tips and some very cute sausage dogs to help you get back on track!

TOXIC PEOPLE: A Christmas Survival Guide

Christmas has a funny way of bringing people together – even if perhaps the people we’re being brought closer to are the very people we’d rather not go near with a ten-foot pole.

So how do we make sure we still enjoy our holiday without it being overshadowed by the toxic people we’ve been avoiding all year?


5 Things People With Depression/ Anxiety Are Sick Of Hearing

‘Have you tried Yoga?’


The Trouble With Being Observant

  Being an incredibly observant person has its advantages. You know how to read a room full of people, where … More


The Age of Insta-Validation

We can search our whole lives for happiness, but sometimes happiness is what’s right in front of you.

Or, more accurately, happiness can be found right in front of you, if only you look a little closer.


35 Moments of Beautiful Simplicity

We all want to live in the moment, rather than dreaming about the future or regretting the past. But there are some moments that stand out more than others in life, because they are beautiful in their simplicity. 


Do You Reflect The Real You?

I wonder what the world would be like if we looked in the mirror and didn’t see our physical reflection, but our internal one.

Anxiety and Depression: A Crash Course (& My Top 10 Tips for Surviving & Thriving)


Maybe you’re grateful for your sister. Maybe you’re grateful that your dog didn’t crap on the floor this morning. Maybe you’re grateful for a $10, 24 McNugget Meal Deal at McDonald’s. Whatever it is that you’re grateful for, it shines light on the things that aren’t so dark and gloomy.

Y O U ‘R E | N O T | E D G Y

You’re not edgy, you’re offensive.

People always romanticise depression. It needs to stop.


‘There is no revenge so complete as forgiveness.’ – Josh Billings