2018: What I Learned

The past year has been a roller coaster of a ride, but it’s a good a time as any to reflect on the lessons learned along the way – and really embrace and appreciate those lessons in the coming year. So I thought I would share with you the most important things 2018 taught me:


Dragon Boating: The Importance Of Stretching

Stretching before and after a training session or race keeps muscles flexible, strong and healthy, which is very important – especially when using muscles in a repetitive way, such as constant paddling.


Bones and Dirt and Dust

Why are we so worried about what happens next? What people think? Who will judge our decisions?   The only … More


The Trouble With Being Observant

  Being an incredibly observant person has its advantages. You know how to read a room full of people, where … More



It’s incredible.

It’s powerful.

And it’s dangerously addictive.


35 Moments of Beautiful Simplicity

We all want to live in the moment, rather than dreaming about the future or regretting the past. But there are some moments that stand out more than others in life, because they are beautiful in their simplicity. 


Do You Reflect The Real You?

I wonder what the world would be like if we looked in the mirror and didn’t see our physical reflection, but our internal one.

Anxiety and Depression: A Crash Course (& My Top 10 Tips for Surviving & Thriving)


Maybe you’re grateful for your sister. Maybe you’re grateful that your dog didn’t crap on the floor this morning. Maybe you’re grateful for a $10, 24 McNugget Meal Deal at McDonald’s. Whatever it is that you’re grateful for, it shines light on the things that aren’t so dark and gloomy.